Company profile

We invented word "Pright" as our company name, combined from  "right" and  initial letter of P's of  marketing (product, price, place, promotion and package), hoping that we do the "right"  things and do things "right",   and that our customers can easily pronounce our name and remember us.
Established in 2004 while enjoying rapidly growth, Pright, as an enterprise complex of both manufacturer and trader, is dedicated to provide gardening and household products for home improvement.  Till end of 2013, our annual turnover reaches USD15million which allows us to be one of the top suppliers of such products throughout China.
PRODUCTIONS To cope with the demand of our customers, we have set up our own production network in different places from North China's Hebei provinces to South China's Guangdong province.  With continuous investment in production facilities, we have gained stable supply of raw material and enormous production capability which enable us to ship high quality products ON TIME to our customers.  

Information system management

From September, 2008, SAP has been put into operation in Pright, this powerful ERP software not only enables us to check and control the process of purchase, stock, delivery, account receivable and payable, but also makes it easier to analyze the statistic data and avoid cases of missing or errors. We can provide the business reports to our customers in several minutes when required.  The performance of customers is also clearly recorded and as per which credit limit varies automatically.

our team

With 2 MBA in our management, 90% of our staff have got Bachelor degree, proficiency in  English.,  80%  of which have been working here for more than 6 years. Being well educated and energetic, our team is built to be customer-oriented. Good services have been stabilizing our clientele, 88% of our customers have worked with us for more than 3 years. Each year, we would arrange a team building trip, not only for our team members, but also for their family members. Cheerfully working in Pright, we are ready to face challenges and have passion to perform with a winning attitude. Integrity, Persistence and high sense of responsibility is our motto.


Most of our products are handmade and environmentally friendly. In our product line of gardening products, those of reed, willow and bamboo are our most competitive items. They are widely used for fencing, gardening decoration (panels. trellis, obelisks, baskets etc) and planting (bamboo sticks and poles). For the feature of naturally grown material and of high sustainability, these products are very popular among the end consumers;  With PP PE paper and other new materials, most importantly, by our own initiative designs,  we also supply indoor products , such as placemats, laundry baskets, storage boxes and shopping bags etc.  With our products, the consumers can easily get privacy, rustic beauty and, make home tidy. They are favored not only for their attractive outlook, but also for their quality price ration.
Office and showroom
Our office is located in Beijing, half hour car ride from the Capital Airport, and 80 minutes to reed factories.  It is easy for customers to visit and convenient for our QC to check twice a week.  50 minutes car ride away from either airport or railway station ( 40 minutes from our office), our show room is situated in the vey middle of  the express way connecting Beijing and Tianjin. Thousands of updated samples are displayed there. It is an ideal place both for buyers to touch and select samples, and for designers to draw inspiration.

Now, we are supplying to 200+ customers from 40+ countries and regions throughout 6 continents. As usual, EU, USA, Australia are our biggest markets, while we are also supplying to emerging economies like  South Africa ,Chile and Brazil.   Even you can find our products in Papetee and Noumea in the Polynesia islands and Port reunion in the Indian Ocean. Among all of our customers, there are importers, chain stores,  garden centers, and online sales companies.  We are in the position to offer different products or packing solution to different category customers.

Vision & Mission

To become a respectable vendor who is the closest to consumers and most sought-after in this industry.


Mar. 2004:  Establishment of Pright (China) Co., Ltd
Jan. 2007:  Qualified as one type A enterprises administrated by the China Customs  
Sep. 2008: SAP put into operation
Jun. 2009:  Honored member of China trade and investment delegation, concurrent visit with President Hu Jintao to Russia and Croatia.
Aug. 2009:  Pright registered in National Trademark Bureau
Jun, 2010:  Sales over USD 10million
Aug. 2011:  Investment for the joint venture of Quannan Winston Pright Arts & Crafts Company
Sep. 2011:  Winning of the bid for the supply of lilies processing plant
May. 2012:  AAA credit by CCCFNA
May. 2012:  Pright registered in EU
Aug. 2012:  Council member of CCCFNA
Dec. 2013:  Turnover exceeds USD15million
Mar. 2015:   New Show room opened
Apr. 2015:   AEO certificate issued by China Customs.